Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nicole & Josh (Married)

Nicole and Josh, Married.
I loved the location of this wedding, it was on Buck Ridge Plantation out near Orangeburg, SC, out in the sticks. When you pulled into the plantation, you were on this beautiful dirt road, with Oak Trees on each side, and then it turned into fields, in the distance you could see the Plantation House next to a beautiful lake, and crossing the road was a beautiful white Peacock.
The bride and groom were fit for each other, I liked how she was so petite and he was tall, they were so sweet to each other.
I was so thankful to be a second shooter for this wedding, it was such a pleasure to photograph.
I wish Nicole and Josh lots of love, and best of wishes to the newly married couple!

This is my second wedding that I have done, I was a second shooter for my friend Amy Daring. Thanks to her, she has allowed me to pursue my photography even more. She grew so fast as a photographer, and I wish her the best of luck with her career as a photographer.
Thank you for having me as your second shooter, and giving me this time to learn.