Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dakota (Senior)

I really enjoy taking Senior pictures.
I get to find out about each person, and get to know them, and what they do in their everyday life. Dakota was really quiet, didn't seem like he wanted to take pictures at all, I felt like he had a slight attitude.
 Then I started asking him questions, tried to get him to open up, and once I had done that, I couldn't get him to be quiet. I found out he loved the outdoors, riding on his four wheeler, hunting, being in nature. He also had a girlfriend that he gushed on about. When it came to taking pictures, he ended up loving it, and didn't want to stop!
Senior pictures should reflect the person, so what he enjoyed doing, I got to capture, and all the pictures turned out great, you know why? Cause he was himself, having fun!
Dakota, you were definitely a favorite of mine-
I wish you the best this Senior Year!

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